Now Or Never-Advice From Alexi Panos and Preston Smiles

Surprise, surprise it's another Hustle Sold Separately podcast shout out.

Whenever I get that little notification on my phone telling me that there's a new HSS podcast out I genuinely get giddy. I have yet to listen to one that doesn't teach me something awesome, make me upgrade my perspective, or help me realize that I'm not the only one out there following their passion and going for dreams that once seemed impossible.

This one here is special. Why? First off it starts with two epic stories from Alexi Pano and Preston Smiles about what woke them up to the real reality of life and their purposes. At this point alone I was sold on the whole podcast and had it stopped right then I would have considered it completely and totally worth it.

Then it got even better. They talked about how they have created an organic following on social media which REALLY got me excited because it showed me that there are people out there looking to create their lives and not just sleep walk through them. 

Enough of what I have to say though, listen and soak it all in.