Book List: The Four Hour Work Week

I know this is a huge book in the self improvement niche but I truly haven't stopped hearing about it for months. 

At first I assumed that I was just looking in the exact places that I would find people talking about The Four Hour Work Week but after months and months of having this book pop on to pretty much everything and anything that I scrolled through I realized that maybe there was something bigger going on.

So, per usual, I decided to listen to the signs and buy it. 

Shocker. It's amazing.

Okay, obviously not a shocker considering it has made Tim Ferris a productivity and self improvement mogul. I feel like this guy has an abnormally big left brain and has the analytical computational skills of a robot. 

Upon further research I found that his head is exactly symmetrical and that maybe he's just really smart. 

I've never (ever) thought to analytically break down my time spent working (and honestly just my time in general) but now that I've read The Four Hour Work Week I'm feeling kind of silly for not having realized it.

Obviously we need to break down work life, especially as a freelancer who answers to myself as boss), and see where we are being productive and where we are just wasting time. Clearly I need to always be looking for ways to be more efficient. How do I do this? Thankfully my new friend Tim has all the answers. 

I'll have Ferris to thank when I'm in Thailand exploring while simultaneously making money and soon you will too.