My Top 4 Inspiring Instagram Accounts

A while back I decided that if social media was going to be such a large part of my life then I needed to make sure it was a positive part of my life. 

I cleared my Instagram feed of negativity or pessimistic accounts and started finding real accounts with real substance that could teach me something as I scrolled through everyday. 

To be honest, it was a lot easier than I thought. Being able to wake up and scroll through positive words, quotes, and insights is just propelling me faster toward accomplishing my goals and creating a career off of my passions.

I stumbled upon a few special accounts that have resonated with me for months now, accounts that I can honestly say teach me, transform me, and show me that I'm not crazy and others have the same thoughts, feelings, and agenda that I do as well.

I think massive change comes in our lives when we realize that we aren't the only ones asking for change, passion, or our dreams to come true. We are not lonely adventurers on the pathway to our dreams. In reality we are surrounded by others who are doing the same thing and because of social media we not only get to connect with these people and their insights but we get to learn from them. 

Epic times call for epic movements. Fill your mind with the positivity of those who have followed their dreams and lived to tell the tale, learn from the thoughts and actions of those making really good money off of their passions, and be driven by their successes. We are all capable of great success, it's just a matter of clearing out all of the doubt and pessimism and truly embracing what the universe is calling of us.