My Top 3 Inspiring Podcasts

We're going to do something different this week.

Instead of me inspiring you, I'm going to show you what inspires me. 

I'll show you who I listen to, what videos I watch, what books I read, and what meditations I use. 

My hope and dream for my blog and my career are to inspire others to follow their passions and really go for the life that is calling them and I think the hardest part is that initial start. 

For me, that initial start took years. I had trouble connecting the dots and finding what it was that I wanted to do. At that time, the most valuable thing to me would have been for somebody else show me the light. The light of inspiration in their life, the light that kept themselves driven everyday to continue following their dreams, and the light that took them from Point A to Point B. 

So we'll start on this Monday with one of my favorite types of inspiration: Podcasts. 

As of lately, my top 3 favorites are:

The coolest part about these Podcasts is that they all encompass one theme: people who are driven to follow their dreams and have become successful off of their passions. 

It's not until lately that I realized that I hadn't heard all too many people speak about how they started their business and why they started and what made them feel driven to follow through on their intuitions. How could I expect myself to fully believe that I could do it when I wasn't surrounding myself with people who had?

There is this insane confidence that overcomes you when you are constantly listening to people who are succeeding off of their dreams. It makes you sit back and say, "If it's possible for them it's possible for me. These are people just like me who have hustled and put time, energy, and love into something that is now giving them those exact things back. Now it's my turn."

I love podcasts and the fact that they are a free resource is absolutely incredible. The knowledge I have attained from listening to these podcasts for a few weeks now is insane and I can't even imagine how much I'll know after six months, a year, and so on. 

It's exactly the same thing that I talk about with reading, if you want to start a business you don't have to start from scratch and learn every lesson the hard way. Learn from others mistakes and use every platform presented to you to make things happen faster for you than it did for them. 

Podcasts have given me insight into what it really means to know my purpose, that I'm not crazy for following my passion, that I'm not the only one hustling my a** off everyday, and insane amounts of life and business hacks that I'll use for the rest of my life. 

Listen, learn, and explore! These podcasts speak to me but maybe for you there's something better out there. Take sometime to creep around and find podcasts that really work for you and everything you are doing.

There's so much to be learned from others who have already traveled the path that we are just beginning-using them as a resource will be the biggest blessing we could ever give to ourselves while we focus on our passion and building a life we love.