Getting Through The Initial Struggle Of Following Your Passion

Struggle and criticisms are prerequisites for greatness.

I'm taking a wild guess and saying that a massive majority of people don't go for their dreams and choose to settle into a static life because they can't handle the struggle. The struggle of following your passions can be really intense and honestly very testing.

It took me awhile to be able to fully accept that things were going to happen when they were going to happen and that as much as I kicked and screamed and wanted it to happen right then and there and exactly how I wanted it to-it wasn't meant to be.

Like I've said before, this isn't my first blog. I've started at least three prior to this one starting from when I was about 19 years old and it was the struggle that made me quit.

That tells me one thing.

I wasn't ready.

And that's okay.

I wasn't ready to fully commit myself to blogging. I wasn't there yet and I didn't have the right things to say because I really didn't know anything. I started blogs that I didn't even know their purpose and I wasn't ever fully committed because I couldn't see the vision and I definitely couldn't feel it.

Sometimes we have to become very okay with (even though it feels impossible) not being ready. This doesn't mean that we get to sit on the couch and eat frozen pizza day in and day out. 

It means that you're not ready for that big step yet, but that you're meant to be preparing for it. You're meant to be intaking resources and information that are going to be pivotal to your success later. You're meant to continue to follow your dreams even if you aren't physically following your dreams.

It definitely sounds out there but you have to wrap your mind around it. If you are constantly starting and quitting things then sometimes we have to take it as a sign to sit back for a second and do some mind work.

Read, watch, learn but don't do just yet.

I did this a year ago when I was just SO frusterated with where I was in life. I wanted all this success at a young age and I was pissed that I didn't have it yet. This was a cycle that kept happening to me where I would be mad that I wasn't super successful already, then I would feel decent about it, then I would get mad again. 

I decided to end the cycle and say-I'm going to sit back and let life unfold for me. I'm going to do things that I like doing every single day and that will be my duty right now. The rest is up to the universe or whichever higher power is out there. 

It worked.

I read books, wrote things that I only read, made habits that I'd always wanted to have, and I just kept growing my mind and my knowledge. 

Now when I look back on it I realize that what I was doing was learning patience. That I could huff and puff all day long that things weren't going my way and that I didn't have my million dollar idea yet but realistically it just wasn't the right time. 

A year later, I totally see that. I couldn't have had a blog then. I wasn't committed enough, I didn't know enough about what makes a blog successful, and as much as I hadn't wanted to admit it-I wasn't ready. 

That struggle of starting and quitting and being confused and hating my life has built me to be right here. It has taught me invaluable lessons and solidified so many things that I now know to be true. 

I now know that things are going to happen when they are meant to be happen because that's when the time is right. If the time isn't right it's not going to happen and that's actually something to be incredibly grateful for as much as we can hate it at times. 

The thing is we can't give up when we hit the struggle. We can't give up our knowing that everything is unfolding perfectly for us. We can't give up our faith in the process. We can't give up our patience. 

We have to hold on to these things even tighter when it seems that life is testing us. We have to say "Okay, I don't understand why this is (or isn't) happening right now but I trust that it's for a damn good reason." Then we have to let go and live in patience. 

If you're struggling or trying to force your passion to turn into profit or a following, you aren't alone. So many of us have been there, so many of us are there, and so many of us will be there. 

Don't lose your faith. Keep on trucking through and keep learning and growing and transforming into a brighter, better version of yourself. Stay focused on the bigger picture not the money, following, fame, or whatever it is that you are after. The prize is happiness. So fill yourself with happiness daily and keep your cool.

Life is unfolding for you and as Andy from The Office would say, "It's going to be a delicious surprise."