How I'm Learning From My Biggest Pet Peeve

You are who you think you are.

Yes, even I have pet peeves. There is one particular thing that people can do that just crawls under my skin and makes me so mad that I have to sit back and say, "Eva, let it go."

My biggest pet peeve? People being greedy and cheating and then wondering why life isn't handing them everything they want.

When I hear someone complaining about how they have absolutely no money, they have boyfriend/girlfriend issues, they have friend problems, health issues, and so on I sit back and start to observe. 

I observe their actions and their words

It usually doesn't take long to realize that somebody who thinks that life is cheating them out of money is probably cheating other people out of money. 

It doesn't take long to see that somebody who is unhappy and thinks that life refuses to support them is in turn spreading unhappiness to others and being unsupportive of those around them.

It takes only a few days of knowing them to notice that they don't give when the the opportunity presents itself, whether it be a small kind gesture, a compliment to somebody else, or a chance to do the right thing. Without surprise, I'll hear them talking about how nobody ever helps them or how nobody does them right in any situation.

Then I think, holy shit.

This is everything that I read about. This is everything that successful people tell you about.

This is one of the biggest secrets to life.

You are who you think you are.

This is a powerful statement. Let's break it down.

I am who I think I am. So if I go to bed after a long day of cheating people out of their money (whether it's in business, selling a faulty product, lying to a spouse, etc.), talking endlessly about how life is constantly screwing me over, and taking advantage of other people's kindness guess what I'm going to think about myself?

I can't fool myself. I'm with me all day. I can't do something that I know is wrong and then hide it from myself. 

That puts me as thinking that I am: a cheater, completely unsupported by life and a negative addition to society. 

Doesn't it just sound stupid to think of yourself that way? But when people are acting in this way they are literally creating this as the reality of their life.

You can't expect tremendously positive and radiant things to happen to you if you're always bringing people down and bringing negativity into other's lives. 

Like I wrote about previously, if you watch your life happen you notice that life is this one huge pattern. What you give you get. If you give shitty vibes you get shitty vibes. If you take money, you get money taken from you. If you cheat people, you get cheated. If you are mean to someone, someone else is mean to you.

It's a loop.

So if negative will bring negative into my life, then I blatantly choose to be positive so that positive will come into my life.

After having a hard experience with someone at my work that was undermining me to get more money, I had this huge reassurance that living with positive intention is the only way to live because giving positivity means life will give you back positivity.

I noticed the difference between my life and my coworkers life.

She is always complaining about how life is so hard and terrible things keep happening and she's unhealthy and she doesn't have money, etc. etc. etc. A few months ago money was really tight for me. I was making about $400 a week and obviously that wasn't cutting it. I decided that instead of stressing out about it I was going to imagine that money was just flowing towards me, that my savings account was constantly growing, and that I was lucky enough for money to not be an issue. Whenever I had the opportunity to give money (donations or tipping above average) I would always give something even though I knew I really didn't have much to give. 

I put myself into this mindset and only a few days later an opportunity presented itself for me to go to another job where I ended up making double what I was at the other. I've now been able to save more money than I ever have in my life and my work schedule perfectly coincides with my freelancing, blogging, and travel. The proof for me is right there. I am who I think I am. I decided to think that I was a person with money and now I am a person with money. 

My biggest pet peeve is seeing someone sabotage their own life. Watching them CHOOSE to do badly and then huff and puff when the other shoe drops. Of course this bothers me because they are spreading nasty energy to others but what really gets under my skin is their inability to SEE that they are the one's in charge of their life and why they are currently in a negative spot.

I can try to help them but honestly, sometimes I have to come to terms that I am not their guardian angel and I have to accept that. 

What I can always do is to choose to learn from the experience and to make sure that I am personally doing the best I can to spread love, light, and positivity to others because no matter who you are, abiding by these principles will fulfill you and in turn life will be fulfilling. 

Having issues with a coworker or friend? Take a look at what is making you angry about them and then figure out how to learn from it. Follow the string until you can see the life lesson that has personally been delivered to your front door. 

As always, I invite all of my subscribers to chat with me via email. What situation are you currently dealing with that could be made better by choosing to see the epic life lesson?