How To Follow Your Dreams

I wrote a blog about finding your passion and I think my heart burst into pieces when I saw the feedback on it. It makes me so incredibly happy to see so many people interested AND looking to find what it is that makes them tick, what it is that they could do for the rest of their life and never have to actually consider it work.

So I decided to do a major follow up blog and help you dive deeper into your search for your passions. 

So like I said in my first passion blog, I seriously looked everywhere else. I would think of jobs that were so far out that I would NEVER want to do, and by focusing on what it was about those jobs that didn't intrigue me and then thinking of a job that didn't have that characteristic I was able to slowly hone down on my dreams. 

What comes next is easy: Get a piece of paper and divide it right down the middle vertically.

On one side write: What I Do Everyday

On the other side write: What I Want To Do Everyday

You guessed it...fill it out!

Take a look at your work and then compare the two lists. What can you fit in from your 'What I Want To Do Everyday' list into your 'What I Do Everyday list'?

For me, I wanted to write more and I wanted to be more creative. I also wanted to work out and eat a healthy breakfast. What I was doing everyday was logistical work that didn't make me the least bit happy, I was slacking on my work out regime, and I wasn't having my morning smoothie.

So just like that, the next day I did what I wanted to do. I drank a morning smoothie. I went to the gym. I wrote a few articles (that I had no where to publish) and in doing so I got creative.

Now comes the true test. That was one day. The trick to all of this is to make it a habit. Everyday you incorporate things that you want to do in your life. You learn how to make time for them and then as time goes on and they become habits you don't even consider not doing them. Why? Because they make you damn happy that's why! You're passionate about these things if you are going to go out of your way to make them an essential part of your day to day life. Make a rule right now:

Everyday I do something that makes me really happy.

Sometimes we get stuck in this preconceived notion that things should happen overnight.

Patience is a virtue young grasshopper.

Your life is a painting and it'll be a hell of a lot prettier if you personally paint each stroke than if you just throw a bucket of paint at a blank canvas and hope that it morphs into something attractive. Here's another metaphor for you: Your life is a sculpture; chip away at it everyday by doing things that speak to you and make you happy and satisfied.

Let all of these positive and fun things (to you) become daily habits and then do this all over again. Then incorporate those things into your life. The trick is to be really observant because as you bring all of these things that you really, really love doing into your life you'll realize how much more easily the time opens up for them and better yet-the opportunity that comes from it.

I said I wanted to write more and be more creative and a few months later I'm here writing every single day for my blog and being the creative manifesto of my personal brand. 

Things will just start to happen and you'll look back and be like wait how did this come about? The answer is almost too easy. Simply by prioritizing the things that I wanted to do everyday and then letting everything work itself out I've created this snowball that is catching some serious momentum.

So make your list and start today so that in a few months I can get an email from you saying: Eva! I had no idea what my passions were and now I'm suddenly living them.

My response will be something like:

Holy S#%&(*^%%&*(*!!!! That is SO COOL. 

(And because I really, really, really believe in you I'll say):

Now make another updated list and shoot for the stars!

Get to it guys :).