The Secret To Successful Blogging

“You can’t win the game if you choose not to play.”

Okay, so you guys know I haven't been doing this that long but I've already uncovered an insanely well kept secret in the blogging industry.

Scheduled posts. 

Yes. Writing your posts in advance and scheduling them for weeks and even months at a time. I bet the big time bloggers have posts ready to go for several months. Don't quote me on that but I'm pretty certain.

I'm learning that a lot of blogging has to do with doing big chunks of work at a time, like writing several blog posts in one sitting, and then doing only an hour or so of work during the other days. Of course I'll eventually have enough work that I'm doing this consistently 5-7 days a week (yes, I said seven days a week because I love what I do).

I'm averaging at having my post scheduled about 4-6 days in advance and as I get busier with more blog and freelance business I already know that number will grow to at least 7-10.

This involves a lot of what Pat Flynn talks about in his podcast, Smart Passive Income. Do a lot of work now so you can sit back and enjoy later-life is sweet when you set yourself up to have a passive income that makes you money while you're sitting on the beach in Barcelona.

I hope this secret helps you guys and I'm telling you-just plan at least 5 days in advance and see the benefit it has on your productivity level during those coming five days when all you have to do is forum your posts.

Would you guys be interested in seeing my traffic analytics? Let me know in the comments below and I'll make a blog post for you guys and break down what I'm doing to get traffic to my site.