Book Of The Week: The Space Within

I'm sticking to my Michael Neill trend and making this week's Book Of The Week The Space Within.

It's written just like The Inside Out Revolution but it dives deeper into something that Neill talks about in The Inside Out Revolution.

We didn't come out as babies with anxiety, stress, or self confidence issues. Our first words weren't "I'm not good enough." 

These are learned habits. Somewhere down the line we taught ourselves to be anxious, stressed, judgmental, and negative. So if we can create these things that means we can get rid of them. They aren't permanent. Neuroplasticity tell us that our brains can and do change so we can (today, right here right now) start rewiring our brain to not have any of these negative emotions. We can essentially go back to the point where our minds are a tool only used for good and not evil. It's cool AF.