How To Build Your Dream Life

Don’t fear failure. Fear being in the exact same place next year as you are today.
— @ThinkGrowProsper Instagram

Okay so here's what I'm thinking:

We want lives made up of certain elements. For me these elements include:

  1. Traveling somewhere new at least once a month 
  2. Making my income solely off of freelance writing and my blog
  3. Having new experiences
  4. Staying close with my family and friends

There's clearly a lot more but if I were to prioritize what I want my life to look like I would summarize it with these four elements.

All of these things make me happy. When I'm doing these things I'm happy I'm doing them. For me to visualize a life with all of these things makes my heart do a little happy dance. 

So how do I get from here to there?

I'm already well on my way-I've been working hard on this life for a few years now and through trial and error I've realized what seems to make this life manifest itself at the highest speed. 

What threw me off for a while (and what I believe throws a lot of people off from living their dream life scenario) is that I had this idea that I needed all of these things to happen at once. That one day I would wake up at 27 years old and be the person that had and did all of those things. 

For some odd reason I always thought that I had to add all of these things into my life at once in one fell swoop.


What I've come to find is that that is quite possibly the hardest way to make yourself happy and make your life come together the way you wish it would.

Why was I trying to make travel and a blog and new experiences and keeping close with family and friends this over night success story?

I spent so much time wondering why I wasn't already there.

Now it all makes sense to me.

I was sabotaging myself into not having those things by expecting to wake up one day and have the opportunity for these to come at me all at once. 

No. This isn't how it has happened. What has made my dreams form into tangible things that I can see and touch is that I did small things everyday to get myself to the point where travel was a bigger part of my life, I had my own blog and freelance business, I said yes to new experiences, and I went out of my way to talk to my family and friends.

Instead of thinking that one day God would come down and part the sea for me I decided to chip away day after day. 

Yeah it would have been a hell of a lot easier to have had a higher power come and part the sea for me and hand me all of these things within one hour of my life but let's be serious. 

Would it taste as sweet if it was handed to me?

When I put energy into taking time out of each day to further my blog career, my freelance writing, my traveling, finding cool things to do, and talking to family it's all coming together on its own. 

The more days that I just do one or two things that bring me closer to my dreams being a tangible, real thing the faster it's coming true. 

So no, it's not being handed to me in a sense. I'm working hard at it but I'm enjoying the person that it is turning me into. It's setting me up for extreme success because I'm learning everything I need to know to be that person that I will be when I have all of those things.

In the simplest way possible: we want to add things into our lives piece by piece for the fastest results. It kind of sounds hypocritical but this is exactly what has been working for me.

The more small things I add in the faster my dreams are becoming reality and honestly the happier I am. 

There's joy in building your future when it's a future that is calling to you day in and day out. There's a happiness that comes from working hard today so that in five years you are so much farther than you were today. There's a gratitude that starts to permanently resonate as you figure out that your dreams are coming into form. 

I want everyone to know this feeling. To feel the relief that what they wish life would be is well on its way.

Just like I'm writing this blog today and just finished traveling for the week I want you to start adding small things to your life that make you happy and put you in the right direction. Anything that resonates with you in a positive way, do. Remember that feeling and then continue doing things that make you feel that way.

You'll look back in a few months and only have one thing to say to yourself, thank you.