How To Stay On Track During The Holidays

Once you get into a groove it's awesome. Things that we always considered inconvenient become habits and in no time it just becomes a part of us.

What I'm realizing though is as I come home to visit family and for the holidays that I'm starting to get knocked out of the groove I worked so hard to create.

When I'm not around family often it's easy for me to be productive, blogger Eva. There's something about being back home though that makes me feel as this blogger Eva only exists in Nashville (where I currently live).

So I had to ask myself what is triggering me around family to feel like I'm not the me that I've worked so hard to become?

I've come up with a conclusion.

That I'm used to being college student, just turned twenty years old Eva when I'm around my friends and family here and it feels weird to be the person that I've grown into around these people.

I'm not used to being around my Dad and talking about freelance jobs and SEO. I'm not used to having to plan blogging and writing time around seeing family members. 

For a quick second my instinct was to go back to the way that I knew-to be that fresh out of college grad who has nowhere to be and no commitments. 

But that's not me anymore.

I'm teetering on the edge of serious adulthood as my career takes off and I'm realizing that it's time that my friends and family meet the person that I've transformed into over the past year. 

In order to stay on track to accomplishing all of my goals I have to continue to be my most productive and positive self even if the environment surrounding me is different. 

Back in Nashville I have my groove. I have my go to coffee shop, I have a gym schedule, and I have a lot of control over my days. When I'm here things have to be more flexible. I don't know the best coffee shop to go to , I don't go to the gym, and I definitely don't have control over where I am and when I have to be there.

So here's what I'm going to do to stay on track while I'm home for the holidays:

  1. Embrace the change in scenery. I'm going to embrace having to find a new coffee shop. I'm going to embrace not knowing where the outlets are. And everything is going to be fine.
  2. Talk to my family about what I'm doing and how happy it makes me. I really want to show my family that what I'm doing is everything that I could ever dream of. I know when they understand how much this all means to me that they'll be open and understanding of why I need to write articles even when I'm home. 
  3. Plan accordingly. I don't want to leave myself in a mess with an hour left until a contract ends and I have nothing written. I need to carve out time for my work just as I am carving out time for family and friends. If i plan accordingly I won't be overwhelmed or stressed with contracts and blog posts. 
  4. Learn to shut it all off. Once my work is done then that's it. Just as I want my family to listen to me when I tell them about how much I love being a blogger and freelance writer I need to make sure that I'm listening to them tell me about what they are loving about their lives, stories that I haven't heard, or things they need to talk about. I want them to be there for me so I have to learn to shut it all off and be there for them.

It's beyond easy to get knocked off of your productive and positive train when there's a change of scenery and schedule. I'm going to stick to my passions and not flake out on everything that I have to do just because I'm home but I'm also going to make sure that I'm being a daughter, a sister, an aunt, and a friend too. 

Yes our passions drive us and fuel our lives but we can't forget how important friends and family are. So just as hard as I work on my passions while I'm home I'm going to consciously be working on spending time with all of my loved ones that I don't get to see often. 

Happy holidays!