How To Get Life To Open Up To You

I realized something super cool the other day. 

That as I’ve been pursuing my passions and prioritizing doing things that make me happy everyday, I’ve become a resource for everything that I need to know.

Let me explain.

A few months ago I didn’t know much about blogging. I’ve had a few blogs before but I never stuck to them and I had literally no clue as to how to tell my story or find people that wanted to hear it. 

As the months led up to me starting, I had my trusty list of things that I wanted to do everyday and I was doing them with no clue how it was all going to connect.

I was learning SEO, watching Youtube videos of people who had successful blogs and followings, and reading books on social media and marketing. At the time it seriously made NO SENSE for me to be doing this. I didn’t have a blog and I only had personal social media pages. It’s like i was learning something that had nothing to do with anything. 

Now flash forward to the present moment and everything that I’ve been learning, reading, and observing has become this massive library of information that I’ve stored. Now that my blog is active and has an audience, I look back and realize that everything was totally meant to be. 

I needed to know all about SEO and how to create a genuine audience before I could even start my blog and because I did that I’ve been able to make something successful and that I’m proud of. This isn’t like before where I gave up after a few days, with these resources I’ve been able to gain so much from my blog and doing anything related is a high that I can’t put into words. 

Here’s what I’m saying: when you seriously prioritize finding your passion and following your dreams life truly walks you down the exact path and HANDS you everything that you need to succeed. 

For anyone teetering on the edge of passion or the path too often traveled, know that if you take that jump and you put your full confidence in your abilities life will open up for you. You might not realize it for a few months (I know I didn’t) but one day it’ll all click and you’ll be like “Damn! It’s time for me to do this _____ for my business and I already know how.”

Talk about catapulting yourself to success.

God, life is good.