Not Every Day Is Rainbows And Butterflies

“No grit, no pearl.”

Yes, even I get down some days.

I spend too much time wishing I was farther along with my goals and dreams. I wish that I wasn't in the beginning stages of starting my freelance writing and blog career. Essentially-I want it all and I want it now.

On days like this I try to take a step back and look at the bigger picture.

I run a blog who has reached 400+ people. I write articles that reach a global audience. I am doing what I am meant to be doing so that I can reach my goals and dreams. 

Yes days like this are hard and it took me a few hours to even sit down and start writing about it because I wasn't feeling it.

I've recently decided that whenever I am feeling a little off, sad, or even extremely happy that I will ask myself: "How can I grow and learn from this experience?". It is having insanely positive ramifications on my life. By answering this question I am learning so much about what it takes to keep me balanced and what is really making me happy in the present moment. So-in these moments of feeling unmotivated, behind on my goals, and unaccomplished what can I learn?

In 5 years from now what would I tell myself today, right now about what I'm feeling?

I think back to what I would tell myself 5 years ago from today and without question it would be "everything is going to be okay. Keep doing everything you are doing and you will get to exactly where you are meant to be. Don't compare yourself to anyone else. This is your personal journey and it's your job to make sure that you stay focused and on track. Keep going, don't stop and trust life to work out exactly as it should!"

I'm going to take a wild guess here and say that 5 years in the future I'm probably going to say just about the same thing to myself today. 

It is here in the crossroads of entrepreneurship and freelancing that those who really want it and those who aren't completely ready for it go in different directions. 

I've been the latter before and that's why I'm here now with such a fresh start in the blogging industry. I've made several promises and obligations to myself recently and I don't intend for that to happen again. 

So, here in front of all of you:

I promise myself to keep on trucking through even on the days when it seems pointless. Even on the days when I feel disconnected from my inspirations and dreams.

Let's all make this promise to ourselves. As freelancers and entrepreneurs we don't have a boss that we are held responsible to. We are responsible to ourselves and so its only us that can say, "Keep it moving, keep going forward. Take any step in the right direction and get through today because tomorrow will be brighter. Have faith in your dreams, your goals, and especially in yourself."

We have to choose to grow during these moments of self questioning. We have to be observers of our own thoughts and figure out here, today, right now how to stop them in their tracks so that days like this are only days and not weeks, months, and years. Observe how you get yourself back in your groove and then next time you get in this rut do that thing that got you back in your groove last time ASAP. Soon these moments will turn into half days, hours, minutes, and then inevitably disappear. 

What are you struggling with today that you could fix by recognizing that you're just having an off day?