Why You Aren't Reaching Your Goals-Learning The Art Of Patience

May the space between where I am and where I want to be inspire me.
— Tracee Ellis Ross

Do you know what you are passionate about?

Have you started a new business?

Are you working daily on a side hustle?

Are you mad that you are still working a "normal" job and haven't been able to quit and follow your passions full time while making a great income?

You are preaching to the choir.

I am so with you. I'm working about 60 hours a week between my day job, my blog, my freelancing, and working with a client on her business. Guess what? Only two of those offer me an income. I'm busy as hell and my bank account isn't busting at the seams because most of the work I'm doing isn't technically making me any profit. 

I want to work full time on my passions and not waste so much precious time waitressing. It's frustrating to spend so much time doing something that I don't enjoy the way I enjoy writing, creating, and building my audience. 

I find myself saying what the hell? When will my time come? When is it going to be my turn to be able to fully live my dreams?

Then I realize something beautiful, slightly painful, and strangely inspiring.

The reason you aren't reaching your goals is because it's not time yet.

If i know that I am doing everything I can to follow my dreams and I'm working my a** off to do so, then what life is asking of me is to do something really damn hard but that is necessary for my future.

Life is demanding patience from me.

I'm not sitting on the couch on my days off and watching reruns on Netflix. I'm putting time and energy into endeavors that will provide me with future gains. A big part of that is understanding and accepting that I have to put the time in now so that in 6 months from now I am that much closer to where I want to be. 

I have to realize that I'm supposed to be hustling so hard right now so that when things really start coming together I can enjoy it that much more because I know how much I deserve it. 

There's a reason I haven't struck gold yet, there's a reason that I'm not where I wish I was. It's all working out in the right time and as cliche as that is it is the damn truth my friends.

It's important that as entrepreneurs and creators we don't lose our patience because that's when we lose it all. When we think we are entitled to things happening on our schedule and when we want them to happen is when we shoot ourselves in the foot and then cry about having just been shot in the foot. 

It's hard as hell but it's essential for everyone in every situation to embrace patience and to figure out how each of us as individuals can be happy in the space that we are in today.

I guess it all comes down to realizing that we are just as much observers of our lives as we are creators of them.

I'm finding how sweet this present moment is by opening my eyes to how incredible my progress has been. In a year from now I will look back on this exact moment and think of how proud I am of myself for pushing through these beginning stages of creation. 

We are not failing at our goals, we are just expecting things to happen when we want them to happen and that's just not realistic. If we want to succeed as entrepreneurs, creators, and humans in general we have to say to ourselves, "I'm going to do everything I can to get myself from Point A to Point B and then I leave the rest in the universe's hands." 

We have to stop making things hard for ourselves and then wondering why they are so hard. Stop planning your life and let life come to you. I guarantee you it has some seriously magical surprises up its sleeve. 

I'm obligating myself to patience from here on out. I'll be patient with my endeavors and know that everything is working out for me in due time and as long as I keep hustling I'll get there exactly when I'm meant to. 

Are you in?

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