How Millennials Can Change The World

Stress is the achiever word for fear. If I follow your stress it’ll take you to your fear.
— Tony Robbins | What It Really Takes To Change Your Life; Marie Forleo YouTube

As a millennial generation we are seeing it. We are taking notice that magnificent fame and money doesn't actually bring everyone happiness. People can still be completely depressed even when it seems that they have it all-and just like Tony discusses in this video you can look at Robin Williams as an example.

We have to find that fulfillment within ourselves and it's hard and scary because we are the only ones who can do this. Our parents can't, our grandparents can't, our friends, our significant other, will never be able to find that for us. It's our own personal journey to find out what makes us tick and in turn find out what is going to make our life worth living. 

If I won the lottery today for 1 billion dollars and didn't have to work a day in my life I would become depressed. Yes I get it-that sounds downright stupid. But it's true. And it's probably true for you too-as humans we aren't made to sit around and do nothing. We need fulfillment. We need purpose. Without it there's nothing that fills us, our lives become dark, and we create an unrealistic reality that the world is completely against us. 

It's our job right now in our twenties to figure out our passions and to spark the passion of our lives. This will create an INCREDIBLE domino effect on the world and the next coming generations. If we as a generation can pull of being passionate about our lives by doing the dirty work right now (finding your passion, following your dreams, overcoming our fears of success) we could change humanity. That would be an entire generation that teaches our children that passion and purpose are the number one priority. Imagine the rate of depression, divorce, disease, etc. that would decrease if this was our generation's mindset and then our children's mindset and so on and so on?

Today we are meant to learn. Learn from others who have been creating purpose and passion in their lives for years, spreading kindness, and being observant about the patterns of our lives. 

As always, I invite all of my subscribers to email me in regards to finding their own purpose and passion, or to talk to somebody on the same journey as them. The light in me is really just your light reflecting off of me and back to you ;).