Why We Don't Like Change-Learning To Stop Resisting

As humans, we are so fixated on the NEXT moment. We hype up the future and believe that another time will be so much better than the present one. It is because of this mentality that we are denying ourself the privilege to feel and be truly free and happy. Happiness isn’t in tomorrow or an hour or next year or when you have a family and are living the simple life on a boat with your dream man. No. Happiness is already here. All you’ve got to do is surrender to the universe; acknowledge your desires but then let them go. Welcome, but don’t hoard. Remove all of the anxiety you are holding. Seriously. Flush it out. Worrying will not remove your stressors. It only amplifies. them! Remember: expectations are the root of all heartache.
— Sjana Elise | @SjanaElise on Instagram

What she said ^.

But seriously the human composition to resist versus to surrender is what makes things really messy.

As humans we don't like change because we fear the unknown. It's a fact and somewhat instinctual. We don't go sprinting into dark caves with no light and hope for the best. It's not in our blueprint do something that might severely injure us which is the animal instinct in us. 

The thing is we are human.

Sometimes it's important to separate the animalistic instinct in us from the reality. No, we shouldn't run into dark caves with no light and hope for the best that we don't come face to face with a bear or worse-run into a huge spider web (Just kidding...kind of).

This is a type of unknown that we should embrace having precautions against. 

This same feeling of precaution aka resistance is what makes us really unhappy, anxious, and stressed when change creeps into our lives. 

We initially don't like it and it can lead to some really dark times depending on the level of change that you experience. Or we can fear the change because it means we're headed on the pathway to accomplishing our goals and dreams and we feel intimidated and not completely ready.

The thing is that there is no bear to run into or gross, sticky spider web. There is just a blank slate of what is to come from change and weirdly, we don't like it. 

The funny part about it though is that we have absolutely, positively no control over what happens next. 

For example let's say that you went through a really hard time three years ago. One day a magic genie appears out of your shaker protein cup and tells you that you can go back and relive that terrible time in your life but you can only watch it unfold, you can't change how anything ended up turning out. 

Would you do it? I know I sure as hell wouldn't. Those hard times are behind me and if I can't change it then why the hell would I live through it again?

Here's the catch.

This is how we are living our life. As if a genie granted us permission to step back into a certain day or event but we didn't have the power to change anything that happened because everything that was meant to happen happened.

We can spend every single day resisting the changes creeping into our lives and do everything that we can to make it stop but it doesn't matter. What's going to happen is going to happen. In this strange paradox of life we have to accept and do our best to embrace the change. 

We have to surrender to the unknown. We have to have faith in the universe to not put a bear in front of us. And if it does we have to take it as a lesson and then embrace the lesson.

Yeah it can sound kind of out there but I'm serious guys-this will change your life. 

I've realized that whenever I feel really anxious or stressed about anything it's because I am trying to control an unknown that is out of my hands. I'm stressing out and making my life miserable for literally no reason because stressing out is actually just making everything seventeen hundred times worse.

Say it loud and proud, "I embrace change! I'm watching change happen in my life and I surrender to it!" Change can bring incredible things into your life and it can also be the reason we learn our most important life lessons. 

How can you take the change happening currently in your life and find a way to embrace it and surrender?