How To Go For Your Dreams When Nobody Else Can See Your Vision

There’s this crazy, amazing and beautiful potential that exists inside of you which can somehow change the world. It’s why you’re so unique and why you’re here on this planet. You have so much to offer. When you live your purpose, in alignment with your soul’s greatest desires, not only will your life make more sense, but you’ll also reap your biggest rewards.
— Vex King

Look I get it. I'm a blogger and a freelance writer and when I tell people this they look at me like I just told them Donald Trump was the President of the United States (oh...wait...).

I have yet to get a reaction from someone that isn't just this confused blank stare and for awhile it kind of turned me off of telling people what I do/want to do with my career. Things are so fragile when you first drop everything to follow your dreams and it's even harder when people can't seem to understand what it is that you want to do, and even worse when they make you feel like it's not a possibility.

Fortunately for me I'm a little tapped in the head and I never thought this wasn't a possibility but I know others who might be more easily swayed to believe that if others can't fully comprehend the vision that they have for their future than maybe it's not such a great idea. 

This is a trap.

This is what makes or breaks entrepreneurs, freelancers, creators, anyone who is going for a career that isn't mainstream. 

I mean seriously I understand. If I had a conversation with someone today about their aspiration to become a trapeze artists I would be like, "How the hell are you going to do that?"

This is what happens with us as creators, inventors, passionates and entrepreneurs. Not everyone can see what we do. Not everyone is going to be tuned into our personal journey and they won't be able to see the vision for ourselves that we are so attached to. It's a lot easier to tell someone I'm going to be a lawyer than to tell them that I'm going to travel the world and create a job I am 100% passionate about.

I mean it makes sense. This is the path less traveled (although getting some serious foot traffic thanks to the internet) and just as we want people to accept our vision as a tangible thing we have to accept that they might not fully understand what it is we want, how we'll do it, or why we're doing it.

And that's okay.

That doesn't mean our passion can't be a full time job. That doesn't mean we're incapable of accomplishing our aspirations. 

I'm sure when Brad Pitt said he wanted to be an actor, people doubted him. And I bet J.K. Rowling's close family and friends we're incredibly confused as to why she was spending so many hours of her time writing a book when she wasn't an author. And don't make me bring up this whole Trump thing again...

People with massive visions for themselves stay in their lane and don't let others opinions bump them off of their track. 

This is vital.

I'm sure people think I'm nuts when I tell them that I know for a fact that next year I will be traveling the world and making money at the same time. And that's okay. As I tell more people about my vision I'm starting to realize that I enjoy the awkward looks and the confusion.

We have to get to the point where we enjoy the doubts. Where the doubts fuel us and just make us that much more sure that this is what we want.

This is the ultimate challenge that we as passionate people can undertake. How f*cking cool is it going to be when we achieve everything that we want?

How cool will it be to sit back and say, I did it. And instead of telling people that you want to have a certain type of career you have it. 

So follow your vision. Stay focused on it, every single day be the person that has already accomplished that vision. Don't worry about what anything else but how you are getting yourself from Point A to Point B. 

Learn to enjoy the doubts and the confusion. This is all getting you out of your comfort zone and that's where the magic happens (I swear, one day it will be scientifically proven!). Don't be afraid to say, "I'll show you how I'm going to do this. Here's my plan:___." Own your vision and follow your dreams. Life is about passion and you can't settle for anything else. Get to it!