How To Love Yourself: 3 Steps To Creating True Self Love

Don’t be the reason someone feels insecure. Be the reason someone feels seen, heard, and supported by the whole universe.
— Unknown

Now this is a movement. The self love movement is incredible. From the bottom of my heart I believe that self love should be taught starting in kindergarten. Can you imagine if five year olds were taught how to love themselves?

How different would the world be if everyone loved who they were? If everybody felt confident and proud of who and what they were? Disease would be down tenfold. Marriages would be happier and last longer. Those five year olds would become parents who then passed on the knowledge down to their children and so on and so on.

Imagine the beauty.

With self love comes:

Inner peace




And most importantly:

You're able to shine that love out to others. 

If you've been able to fully fall in love with yourself you'll know that nothing bothers you. Someone can say the nastiest thing about you and you seriously do not care. Nothing anyone says could really bother me because if it's mean and crude I know for a fact that it's simply not true. I know who I am, I know that I always choose kindness and fairness. I know that I give to the best of my ability. I know that I am doing my part to help the world be better. I also know that all of the mean things someone might say about me are a direct reflection of what they think about themselves. 

By fully falling in love with yourself you create this magical life where you always do good (because you can't fully love yourself if you're always cheating people), your life is positive and insightful, and honestly life is easy.

It's all about the composition of your brain-when you only have self loving and empowering thoughts than your brain learns to only have those thoughts. You can only put out positive and loving energy and so you receive positive and loving energy. 

So where do you start?

1. Realization. Wake up and realize that if you're really unhappy, feel lost, or unfulfilled it's time to turn some serious love inward. Those emotions are a sign that you aren't fully supporting yourself and you're being too hard on yourself. 

2. Inner Action. Start catching yourself having negative thoughts about yourself. "I could never do that." "I'll never be able to look like him/her." "I'll never be THAT successful." Okay, now it's easy. STOP DOING THIS. STOP having those thoughts. How? When you notice that you're having a thought like that stop it right in it's nasty, greedy little tracks. Don't let it go anywhere. Don't let that thought go into a full on rant about how you're not worth it or deserving of it. You have to mentally watch that thought and put a solid effort into not letting it go anywhere. Do this fifty times a day, a thousand times a day, a million! Do it every singly time a filthy little thought pops into your mind. Once you've stopped the negative thought, replace it with a positive one even if you don't fully believe it (yet). "I could totally do that." "I look just as good and even better than him or her." (Not in a cocky way, in a self fulfilling, proud of yourself way). "I have the potential and capabilities to be THAT successful." Keep doing this day after day and just wait for the one magical day when you're like..."Holy $^&**&^! I AM doing that. I DO look that good. I HAVE become that successful."

3. Outer Action. Choose kindness. Choose kindness. Choose kindness. Tip your barista. Hold the door open for someone. Buy your friend lunch. Have a conversation with someone that only benefits them. Help out a coworker drowning in work. Do all of this with absolutely NO intention of getting anything in return. Seriously. None. Don't buy your friend lunch and wait impatiently for them to return the favor. Hold the door open for someone and have a laugh with yourself if they don't say thank you. 

Just do nice things, all the time.

Day after day, do small acts of kindness that make you proud to be you. That make you lay down at night and say, "I positively impacted everyone that I encountered today." Then again wait for the day when you say, "Everyone that I encountered today positively impacted me." We receive the energy that we give out into the world. 

Observe everything happening around you. People who are unhappy and feel cheated are people who are spreading unhappiness and are cheating others. By filling yourself to the brim with self love and appreciation you only have love and appreciation to give to the world. 

Putting time and energy into loving yourself is the most selfless thing you can do.

When you love yourself you can be a positive member of society, you can help others, you can be a beautiful person inside and out. Better yet, you can guide people on their own journey of self love. 

If you're struggling with self love, let's talk! I welcome all of my subscribers to email me and have completely free transformative conversations. Let me help you shine your inner light!