"We Think We Choose Our Dream, But I Believe That Our Dream Chooses Us"

“I think for me, what I found that also keeps me going was the realization of this. I realized at quite a young age that your dream chooses you. We think we choose our dream, but I believe that our dream chooses us. It chooses you because based on everything you’ve been through, your pain, your trauma, your screw-ups, everything about yourself, everything you’ve ever thought, every break-up, every heartbreak, every failure, every success, all of those experiences have perfectly made you who you are.”
— Kute Blackson | Hustle Sold Separately Podcast #71

Wow. That's all I can really say.

This is a podcast I'll listen to over and over again in life whenever I'm feeling like I'm a bit in a rut. I seriously think pretty much every human should hear these words so that they can feel that much more connected to themselves, their purpose, and everything happening around them.

For all the entrepreneurs, creators, doers, anyone feeling down about life, anyone ready to make a transformational change, anyone feeling lost-this is it, right here.

Let's just say, we can pretty much guarantee that Kute's book will be coming up on the Book Of The Week.

Listen. Absorb. Act.

Click here to listen to the Podcast on HDF Magazine's website.

On a sidenote-Case and Matt seriously kill it in their biweekly podcast "The Hustle Sold Separately". It is inspirational beyond words-they always have successful guests on who have created something out of nothing and it's always amazing. 

I've recently followed their Instagram (@hdfmagazine and @prsuit) and I'm absolutely in love with the message that they are sending to their audience and the world. These are guys that are making a serious positive impact on the entrepreneurial and passionate online space and will essentially impact the world. Their HSS podcast continues to have driven and inspiring guests and if there's any direction I could lead you guys it would be in there direction. 

This is not at all sponsored-this is a true, genuine, and honest opinion. Now stop reading what I have to say and go listen!