How To Be Okay With Failure

Success isn’t the key to happiness. Happiness is the key to success. If you love what you are doing, you’ll be successful.
— GVOQuotes | Instagram

It's easy to be held back from the fear of striking out. I get it, I've been there, sometimes still am there, and am pretty sure I'll always have days where I have to push myself past the fear of failure. 

It's human nature. At least human social nature to not want to be dubbed a failure, to our friends, parents, and even worse to ourselves. 

But what if we disregarded the definition of failure?

Better yet, what if we changed the definition?

What if the definition of failure was:

(noun: attempting something you have never attempted before and getting a different result than was predicted; a transforming and extraordinary learning experience)

Already that sounds pretty damn good to me. I can handle failure if all it means is that I planned for X to happen and I got Y instead. Who said Y happening was a bad thing? Sometimes that different result is a pivotal marker in your success story.

What it all boils down to is that if we look at failure as a means of learning and stepping out of our comfort zone, the people who have failed the most in their lives are actually the most intellectual and successful people walking on this planet. And we can see this over and over again in people who have created successful passion businesses-they weren't afraid to fail and not get the predicted result and because of that they have found tremendous success.

I've recently had some "failures" when reaching out to others to work for them. I've gotten, "We love your blog but we are fully staffed right now." and I have several that haven't even replied to me. 

This doesn't phase me.

Why? Because that definition of failure is the only thing I see when I'm told no. That means that I'm being pushed in another direction and it's my job to trust in the process and keep my patience.

So I challenge you to not let failure break you. I challenge you to be able to let failure roll of your back as you approach the next opportunity, with dignity and all of the lessons that getting an unpredicted result have taught you. Take it from someone who's entire career is based off of trial and error a.k.a failing and growing- Everything will not just be okay if you embrace failure but you will sky rocket to all of your goals as you learn and continue to stray out of your comfort zone. Hop to it!