How To Be Happy

On tough days we might say, “My work is overwhelming,” or “My boss is really frustrating.” If only we could understand that this is impossible. Someone can’t frustrate you, work can’t overwhelm you-these are external objects, and they have no access to your mind. Those emotions you feel, as real as they are, come from the inside, not the outside.
— Ryan Holiday | The Daily Stoic

We have to face reality.

The reality is that we create our reality and that can be hard for some people to swallow. People aren't out to get you, that car in front of you didn't cut you off, the universe doesn't have its intentions set against you.

These are ideas that you are subconsciously creating and feeding.

The best possible way to describe the human brain is like a flower pot:

There's the dirt that is all of the matter that makes up your brain-the cells, neurotransmitters, neurons, etc. anything that is a tangible object. 

Then there's the flower seed. The seed is essentially your life and it's surrounded by all the biological matter of your brain.

When we do anything we are watering that seed. If we choose to exercise and eat right we are watering that seed to become strong and catalyzing it's growth. If we choose to smoke toxic chemicals, eat fast food, and never go for a run we're watering our life seed with polluted, dirty water that it will struggle to grow in. In a few years you'll be able to see the difference between someone who watered their seed with filtered, pure water versus someone who's seed has been struggling to survive in it's mucky environment. 

Now the same idea goes for our thoughts. If we water our flower seed with positivity, confidence, self love, and motivation we'll start to notice how strong our roots are becoming. I'm going to get biological here-your roots will spread into the dirt of the flower pot. These roots are your neurons within your brain and they will actually lengthen and go in new directions when they are stimulated in new ways. This is called neuroplasticity and it's BAD ASS. It means that no matter where you are in life you can choose to change your thoughts and your brain will LITERALLY change it's composition. 

It's like learning to play piano-your neurons will do their magic and make it so that this new capability of playing the piano is a familiarity in your brain.

So as we water the seed of our brain with positivity, confidence, and self love we are creating a brain that only knows these things. Our neurons change to accommodate these things and then they no longer have the ability to be negative, self doubting, or self ridiculing. 

It's all about creating the habit of positivity.

Be the positive impact that you need in your life and be observant on how you transform as a person and how your life changes around you. Suddenly things will always seem to work out exactly as they should, opportunities will appear at just the right moment, and you'll just be plain, old happy every single day.