Newsflash-Your Side Hustle IS NOT Your Entrepreneurial Projects

Your imagination is your preview of life’s coming attractions.
— Albert Einstein

We're in the entrepreneurial and freelance world where the phrase "side hustle" gets tossed around a lot because that's what most of us are doing. We have our job that pays us now while we work on the job that will pay us later while we do what we want to be doing.

I was thinking about this the other day and I had a serious insight about the whole "side hustle" thing that has changed my entire perspective on how I am living and viewing my life. 

I realized that I have been spending months calling my blog and my freelance writing my side hustle when it's not. When I call my blog and freelance writing my side hustle that means that precedence is going to my real hustle (my hourly job) and that's not true. 

I go to work at my hourly job (waitressing) to pay the bills and that's it. Yes, I'm me so I am taking it as a learning experience and using it to learn about people, business, and marketing in anyway that I can BUT it doesn't mean anything to me. I have no ties to it. I do my job and once I walk out of the door I don't think about it again until I walk back inside. 

My hourly job is my side hustle.

It's nothing more than money to pay my rent, utilities, and expenses while I build up my REAL hustle-my dreams, my passions. 

When I choose to view my entrepreneurial hustle as my main hustle despite spending a hell of a lot of hours at my hourly job I noticed a serious change in my work. I realized that I was way more comfortable referring to myself as a freelance writer and blogger instead of identifying myself as a waitress. 

When I view myself and feel myself to be a freelance writer and blogger I have ten fold more confidence in my career choice, I feel more connected to my goals and aspirations, I am more motivated, and I feel right. 

I've created a constant visualization of myself as a digital nomad doing work where I want, when I want INSTEAD of having this focus on my waitressing as being what I do and who I am. 

I really urge all of you to develop this mind set and realize that our side hustles are not at all our side hustles. Our side hustle is the job that we do to pay the bills as we grow the careers that we have chosen for ourselves. Our real hustle is the one that we put our blood, sweat, and tears into. It's the one that keeps us up at night with ideas and creatives and it's the one that will one day be our only hustle.