Working 7 Days A Week And LOVING It

There’s this crazy, amazing and beautiful potential that exists inside of you which can somehow change the world. It’s why you’re so unique and why you’re here on this planet. You have so much to offer. When you live your purpose, in alignment with your soul’s greatest desires, not only will your life make more sense, but you’ll also reap your biggest rewards.
— Vex King

A few days ago someone was talking to me about their job schedule and that they worked 6 days a week and my initial reaction was, "WHAT?!". Six days a week is a lot to work. Why would anyone do that to themselves?

Then I realized.

I work every day. Seven days a week I am doing something relating to my blog, my freelance writing, or my hourly job. Three or four days a week I do all three. 

This was really cool to me. Not the whole realizing I work seven days a week thing but realizing that I wasn't considering it work. Aside from my hourly job I don't consider any of this work. It's my creative outlet, my passion, my downtime.

It's my morning coffee.

Doing things like this is what makes me come to life. I love listening to podcasts relating to growing a blog following and passive incomes. I love reading books on marketing and self development. Most importantly, I love writing and creating my brand. 

I want this feeling for everybody and that's a big part of why I do what I do. There is serious power in making money off of your passions, a power that comes from controlling your time, being happy while working, and a strong desire to want to work and learn more about your work. 

I encourage you to not be afraid and to follow your dreams. Do anything that gets you even one baby step closer to the life that you want so that hopefully one day the same thing happens to you and you can proudly say "I work seven days a week and love every second of it."