The Trick To Reaching Your Goals-Starting Small

People do not decide their futures, they decide their habits and their habits decide their futures.
— E.M. Alexander

We all have huge goals for ourselves and especially in my particular audience I'd say we are quite goal oriented.

We want big successful careers. We're entrepreneurs, freelancers, who want to be our own bosses and make our own big time decisions. And i love it.

The only thing is this can sometimes be our quickest way into failure.

I've found that the more I focus on my huge big time goals (successful blogger, freelancer, and world traveler) the more frustrated and overwhelmed I get. 

So I sat back and thought to myself, why is this?

I'm realizing that by focusing on these grand goals I'm creating an insane gap between where I want to be and where I am now and that makes my heart crumble into pieces. 

When I think of where I am today versus where everything I want to be is I feel like it's so close yet so far away and it frustrates me to pieces. 

So I've learned something invaluable from this feeling-that as much as I focus on the big picture I need to focus on the little details as well.

I need to create small goals for the weeks and the months so that I can have that feeling of accomplishment. I need to be able to know that I'm making moves and by focusing on small, detailed goals I can actually feel that I'm taking steps in the right direction.

It's that simple.

Don't get me wrong I still have tremendous focus on my big goals. I'm just making a serious point to say-my goals for the week are to write 7 blog posts, publish them to forums to drive traffic to my site, and write my freelance article.

It's like Gary Vaynerchuck says-reverse engineer. I want to be a successful blogger and freelancer so I need to reverse engineer my way there and that starts with these small goals that will eventually accumulate and grow into bigger forms of action as my following and freelance business grow. 

I love having big dreams.

And I can't wait for my dreams to be my accomplishments so that I can set new goals for myself. The best part is that I'm setting myself up for success in realizing now that the power is in focusing on the small goals so that you can accumulate to your big goal, an insight that I'll take with me through every part of my future career. 

How can you reverse engineer your dreams to create your small weekly goals?