Who, What, Where, Why? Eva Gutierrez In A Nutshell

Okay, so let me start by saying that I'm AMPED and flattered that you have stumbled upon my blog. This is a sign within itself that you are on the right track to following your dreams and putting in all the hard work that it takes to get yourself from point A to point B.


So I'm sure you're wondering who I am, what I'm doing, where I'm doing it from and why I'm doing it. Let me break it down for you.



My name is Eva. I'm a millennial who has poofed her dreams from a vision into reality all by staying inspired, driven, and continuously learning everything I possibly can in regards to my field of work. I love reading, writing, working from anywhere in the world that I desire, meeting people that are cool AF, and my nephew (who unsurprisingly is the cutest baby I've ever seen). 



I'm a freelance writer who has created this blog to not only create a portfolio of my work (as I suggest all you fellow freelancers do as well) but to create a space and community of inspired millennial individuals who are also waving their magic wands and making their dreams reality. 



You'll find me in Music City U.S.A.-Nashville, TN. A city of wild dreams and imagination, incredible opportunity, and over priced coffee. 



Because millennial entrepreneurs, musicians, artists, writers, creators, all need to keep their daily cup of motivation inspired. Going into a line of work that is against the mainstream isn't always easy and I'm here to provide you with the resources, motivation, and people who will keep you moving forward, keeping you growing and learning, and keep you two steps ahead of your competition. 


If you're looking to work together, get some one on one advice, or to just chat with an inspired individual head over to my Let's Work Together page by clicking the button below and let's talk!