What Are My Goals? Better Yet-How I Am Going To Reach Them!

I'm ambitious. 

I want what I want and I'm not afraid to bust my a** to get there. 

So what's my plan?

1. Continue Growing My Freelance Writing Career

2. Continue Growing My Blog Following

3. Continue Helping A Private Client Grow Their Online Business

How am I going to reach them?

1. I'm going to cut out a block of time to send proposals to potential new freelance clients on Upwork. 

2. I'm going to continue to create helpful content for my followers so that they can stay inspired, find the resources they need to succeed, and continue expanding their minds so they can be happy every single day.

3. I'm going to do all the necessary backend work to improve traffic to the clients website as well as continue our fluid plan to always be adding and subtracting with what is working and not working with our particular niche. 

You see what I did there?

This is something that us as entrepreneurs, passionate individuals, and people with a lot on our plates need to do consistently. 

Creating a list of what you want and then creating a coinciding list of how you're going to accomplish those things will keep you on track and productive. When something is written down you can't forget to do it or procrastinate it without being very aware that you are procrastinating. 

Keep them realistic. If you want make two lists. A list of your goals this week and how you're going to reach them and then another list of your life goals and how you're going to reach those. 

Get creative and find what works for you. This is all fluid so tweak it to make it serve you.

Don't forget to enjoy the hustle!