How I Started My Freelance Writing Career

A.K.A. how I took the first steps to following my dreams. 

To be honest for awhile I had no idea what I wanted to do with my life but I knew for a damn fact that I couldn't sit in a cubicle for 30 years. I wanted to create my career based around myself so that I could essentially work from any where in the world at any time. 

I started seriously writing when I was 20 years old when I made a healthy lifestyle blog. I didn't really understand how blogs worked or how to make my blog a good blog and I had no idea how to find out how to make it a so called good blog

Had I had access to all of the resources I am making available to all of you in my blog I would have been doing this years ago (but that's beside the point).

Based off of my healthy lifestyle blog (which truly wasn't all that great but I wrote a kick ass proposal) I landed a job at Wanderlust Yoga Festival as a guest blogger. They paid for my entry ticket for the 4 days I was there and my requirement was that I had to write a blog post every day that I was there. I still had to pay for my food and accommodations which at the time cost me about 3/4 of all of the money to my name. This is when I realized how badly I wanted this because I didn't even think twice about not going.

A few months after Wanderlust I was doing some casual Instagram creeping when I stumbled upon someone who had "Contributing Writer At Elite Daily" in their bio. It took me about seven seconds to google, find, and start filling out their contributing writer form. Like I said, I wanted this. As any contributing writer at Elite Daily, there is no commission but there is a lot of freedom and A LOT of potential exposure. 

From Elite Daily I again, stumbled upon something interesting (if you take anything away from this post it's that if something is destined to be it will find a way). I was watching a Gary Vaynerchuk video and he was having a conversation with one of the guys who created Fiverr. Fiverr is a freelance website where almost every job is $5. There's writing, video, all kinds of things. I started looking through the site and I thought, $5?! How many articles would I have to write to make a sustainable weekly income with that? If I wrote 140 articles that would make me $700 pretax.

So I thought for a second. Is this really a dead end or is there an opportunity here that I'm missing? Commence lightbulb moment

I googled "Top Freelance Websites" and numero uno was Upwork. I clicked through the available jobs and within a day I made my profile. I put Wanderlust and Elite Daily as experience, crossed my fingers, said a little prayer and started sending proposals. 

The first job I landed was writing fashion collection descriptions for a website. They paid me $37.50 to write product descriptions for 50 collections. The project was so tedious and it took me about five hours to complete. By the time Upwork took their 20% cut and my taxes came out (I'll pay those at the end of the year) I had made $15.30. Let's all laugh together here. That's about $3 an hour. 

Surprisingly if I could go back in time and tell myself that I would make $3 an hour I would still force myself to take the job. Why? One: I needed that first job to get my profile moving along. By having a completed project I was that much more desirable to potential clients. Two: It taught me what I was willing and not willing to do. I took that job out of desperation and now I feel confident being picky and only taking jobs that suit me and who I am as a writer. 

In the nicest way possible, I wish this experience upon every starting freelance writer out there. It will help you so much in the long run.

Here's where the magic started to happen.

From that terribly awesome job experience I have been able to gain two great freelance clients that let me write about whatever I want and pay me $25-$30 per article that I write. ow that's some real money. Not only do I get paid but I get to increase my writing portfolio and establish myself online. 

Don't get me wrong-freelancing is still my side hustle. My freelance career is growing constantly and I'm doing everything that I can to give myself all of the resources that I need to make my career exactly what I want it to be so that I can work wherever, whenever, and love what I'm doing.

I use all of the resources that I post on here daily. Between music, podcasts, articles, and personal writing I'm able to constantly expand my mind to be able to fit how big my dreams are as well as consistently learn about the industry that I'm interested in.

My hope is by being candid about my personal journey to getting my foot in the door in the industry of my dreams that you'll be able to take something away from this that will propel you closer to yours. Just like how I stumbled upon so many great opportunities, the goal is that this post is exactly that for you. 

Now Get To Hustling!